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Anonymous said: What is exactly happening? sorry maybe its annoying that i ask you instead of doing my own research because i dont follow the news but i wonder what you have on your mind about russia


“On my way here on the train, there was a copy of The Times newspaper, and a leading article there began with the words ‘Russia has become a prime exporter of chaos’… Have we forgotten about Iraq? Have we forgotten about Libya, about Syria? The double standards are quite extraordinary here aren’t they? There’s no country that’s done more to spread chaos around the world than the US in the past twenty years. They’ve spread chaos around the globe. They’ve regime-changed, they’ve launched aggressive wars against countries – them and their allies, and here we have Russia being denounced for being ‘the prime exporter of chaos’. It really is quite absurd!” 

“As I understand, it appears that Poland has kind of, as well as the Baltic states have in a way, hijacked this discussion. They’re being the strongest promoters of Russophobia right now. The reasons they are doing this for, if I could conjecture on it, I think it’s because they want NATO to basically build up their country and they also want to have NATO infrastructure. They’re talking about 10,000 ground troops, and I mean, they want to cooperate with the US for the missile defence shield. It’s also, in my opinion, a very exclusionary policy, because if Poland was to play its cards right, it could be a perfect bridge between the Eurozone and the future Customs Union.” 

“The double standards are there for everyone to see, but I really think there is a big disconnect here between the elite on the issue of Russia and the ordinary people. What’s noticeable is if you pick up a British newspaper or an American newspaper you’ll see column after column attacking Russia, accusing Russia of being the aggressor, Putin being the new Hitler, etc. Yet, if you go to the ‘Letters’ page of those same newspapers, you’ll get letters – about 80% in favour of Russia. There was an opinion poll in a British Sunday paper a few weeks back and it found that actually Israel is more unpopular in Britain than Russia is. The EU is more unpopular in Britain than Russia. ” 

“…Putin has presented some kind of a political or at least imaginary alternative to the west, because he dares to throw himself into this debate on invading Syria – it is madness… In that sense, there is some initiative which is coming from Russia, which is alternative to the west and around which there are also other countries and nations and parts of the western public itself. You cannot say that Russia is now an alternative ideological country, it’s nowhere near that, but it is a beginning. Somebody has dared to challenge the west about things it feels it is always in the right about.” 

“If you’re an ambitious journalist or politician you will get slaughtered if you actually come out and say Russia’s got a point.” 



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